Anti-racism statement

In recent years, around the world, there has been increased media attention on racist incidents and anti-racism movements. It is deeply disappointing that it takes global incidents of racism to promote an issue that has been ongoing for many years. It has, however, brought racism to the forefront of everyone’s agendas. It has shown us that there is still much work to be done and we will continue to uncover and dismantle any biases (unconscious or conscious) that we have as well as engage in discussions to further understand and learn about what we can do to eliminate racism.

We are extremely proud of our diverse local community and our strategy motto “Stronger Together” reflects our belief that we will all thrive when we work as a collective.

North Star Community Trust has a zero-tolerance approach to racism and all types of discrimination. It is unacceptable that anyone has to experience racism or discrimination at our Trust or in Society as a whole. As a Trust, we are committed to promoting race equality, challenging and fighting all forms of racial injustice, inequality and oppression. We continue to ensure our schools are safe and inclusive environments for all. “Stronger together” is the commitment we make to our community. We will listen and seek to learn, and in particular, will:

 Commit to being anti-racist and actively and publically challenging racism when we encounter it

 Commit to educating ourselves so that we are knowledgeable educators of our children on issues of racism

 Commit to actively seeking a diverse staff body and governing body which is reflective of our community

 Commit to a multicultural curriculum, that challenges bias , race and inequalities, and ensure our classrooms are inclusive and culturally relevant

 Commit to racially diverse libraries, displays and teaching materials that reflect our multicultural society and challenge negative stereotypes.

 Commit to open, honest and challenging dialogue around issues of race, and to give our students, teachers, and parents a voice to share concerns and feel safe.

We ask that everyone joins us in our zero-tolerance approach to racism and discrimination and challenges it at any opportunity.

We are stronger together than we are apart.

Marino Charalambous

Chief Executive Officer